Why People Prefer VCDoctor Over Other Telemedicine Solutions?

VCDoctor app can be branded for your practice, complete with your name and logo. With no setup on your part, getting the iOS and Android app up and running, customized to you, is a quick and straightforward process. We offer custom integrations with external systems and devices, tailoring our approach to your organization’s needs.

We know flexibility is the key for patients and providers. With a browser or app-based telemedicine appointment, patients have the choice of completing their appointment on your practice’s branded telemedicine app or via a web portal. With VC Doctor, you can reduce the need for in-clinic visits by giving patients the ability to ask questions and receive treatment options remotely without having to come into the office.

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We provide a product and serve you as a technology partner and help your business grow. Securely send unlimited number of forms, files, and photos to patients with ease. Learn more about the steps by the below-given image.

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Patients and your team can use our built-in two-way messaging feature to communicate via text in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way, whether using the browser or app. Contact our experts and book a demo now!


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